People Who Care

There is a team of people who can talk with you and explain what’s going on. The Advocates know about tough relationships. They have been there for others in bad relationships. They are ready to be there for you. Hear from them below.

Respecting Your Right to Make Decisions

“As an Advocate, I don’t always understand why a youth makes a particular decision at that moment but I will always respect it and their right to make that decision. I will stand by them knowing that they are doing the best they can in the moment. I’m always inspired to work with young survivors—I find hope in watching them overcome obstacles and reclaim control of their lives. They are brave, fearless, determined, tough and wise. My wish for every youth I work with is that they realize how worthy they are and that no matter what they have been through, they can achieve anything they put their mind to.”


Honoring Your Struggles

“As an Advocate, I know that the resources we need for survivors aren’t always there. Finding the resources and being creative drives me to make sure every survivor I work with gets what they need—food, clothing, counseling, and someone to be there during hearings. I enjoy working on music and art projects with the youth as a way to be creative and help them express themselves. I am really committed to honoring the struggles each youth is facing while helping them find their own strength to overcome. Every youth I have worked with has taught me what it means to be brave and resilient. They inspire me as they become empowered and rediscover their personal power. It’s really an honor to be a mentor and support person during this process.”


Helping You Create Your Own Story

“As an Advocate, I believe in the strength of each youth — I see it firsthand as some find the strength to escape and then go on to help others. These youth are strong, accomplished and so brave. They are worthy of a life based on their terms and I enjoy supporting them as they move towards creating the future they want. Every youth creates their own story and I love being part of them finding their own voice (and being sure their voice is heard). I love that I get to witness them writing their own and sharing the collective stories to help our community understand how to recognize trafficking and fight for survivors.”


Someone You Can Trust

“As an Advocate, I thrive in being part of supporting a youth as they change the direction of their life. It’s not easy – so many youth don’t have a strong support system and wind up in the system where the expectations seem to constantly change and are at times unreasonable. So many youth are understandably angry when we first meet. I get it. They’ve been bounced between foster homes and runaway because it may feel safer than staying where they are. They are also smart and they know when someone is really going to be there for them. I am lucky to be in a role that allows me to be that trusted person and help create some stability. What I do know is youth who have survived trafficking are some of the strongest people I’ve ever met – they won’t give up on their hopes and dreams. Despite all they’ve been through they still trust. They are conquerors who refuse to let others define them. I do this work because I believe in their dreams and want to be the person that helps them strive beyond the current situation to create the life they want and deserve.”

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